Choosing Spray Foam Insulation Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Choosing Spray Foam Insulation for Properties in Lexington & Georgetown, Kentucky

A Spray Foam Installation in Wilmore

Find the right foam. Our experts will help you choose the best spray foam for your needs.

Spray foam insulation is a hot topic of conversation in our industry these days. With energy costs rising, homeowners are scrambling to find ways to reduce their utility bills. Weatherization Plus has a plan to help homeowners in the Greater Lexington and Georgetown, Kentucky area meet those goals. 

Because upgrading the quality of your home insulation is a proven way to cut the cost of heating and cooling bills, that's where spray foam insulation enters the picture. Whether you choose closed-cell or open-cell insulation, know this: We are not talking about spray foam in small pressurized cans that homeowners can purchase at their local hardware store. We are talking about a large-scale spray foam operation that fills the spaces between your studs, joists and rafters with insulation that expands on contact.

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Weatherization Plus will evaluate the insulation and airtightness levels at your house and provide the proper energy-saving solutions, including the best type of foam insulation for your property. Our company serves homeowners in Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, Versailles, Frankfort, Georgetown, Nicholasville, Lawrenceburg, Paris, Wilmore, Stamping Ground and their surrounding areas.

Choosing Between Closed Cell & Open Cell

Because there are different types of spray foam, many homeowners are confused about the differences between open-cell foam and closed-cell foam. Each has unique properties and advantages. A breakdown of key attributes:

Lower R-Value & Higher Permeability with Open-Cell Foam

Open-cell foam is comprised of tiny, interconnected bubbles. The bubbles hold air and provide an insulation value — typically between R-3.5 and R-4 per inch. The R-value measures the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Like closed-cell foam, open-cell foam will expand to fill gaps and cracks as soon as it is applied. But the finish is different. Open-cell foam has a spongier feel, while closed-cell foam cures to a hard, smooth-surfaced mass.

Like a sponge, open-cell foam also will absorb moisture. Because insulation loses R-value when wet, open-cell spray foam is not the proper choice for damp environments like basements and crawl spaces. It is a better fit in drier, less-confined spaces. It typically is less expensive to install than closed-cell foam, which features a higher R-value.

Higher R-Value, Harder Finish & Moisture Barrier with Closed-Cell Foam

The closed-cell polyurethane spray foam that contractors use to insulate homes is considered a "two-component" foam. Two chemical compounds are blended together at the application nozzle, causing the expanding foam reaction, and forming an effective moisture barrier. Because of its super-adhesive qualities, the product air-seals and insulates in one step.

More important, the higher R-value of between R-6 and R-7.1 per inch for closed-cell foam makes it a more desirable option for most home installation projects than open-cell foam despite a higher application cost. The ability of closed-cell foam to block moisture transmission while also providing air sealing and high insulation value makes it one of the most desirable products on the insulation market. 

Save Energy & Money with Our Spray Foam Insulation Upgrade

At Weatherization Plus, we set the standard for spray-foam insulation services in the Greater Georgetown and Lexington, KY area. Our certified craftsmen have been installing closed-cell and open-cell insulation foam for years and will help you determine which option is best to fit your home and your budget. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 859-203-0706 to get a free estimate for our superior spray foam insulation options we provide for customers in our local communities. 

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