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Blown fiberglass insulation is an ideal way to improve your attic, crawl space, or other areas that need insulating.

Inadequate insulation is the primary reason that many homes in Kentucky and throughout the U.S. report issues with indoor air comfort and energy efficiency. In some cases, rooms are too hot or too cold while the rest of the house remains comfortable. The inconsistent heating and cooling performances trigger consistently high utility bills, however.

For homeowners, this is no laughing matter. It is a legitimate concern and one that the certified technicians from Weatherization Plus can easily solve for their customers in the Georgetown and Lexington, Kentucky area. One key part of the solution is blown fiberglass insulation, a cost-effective option that can bring your heating and cooling bills back under control.

Typically, the attic is the first home-improvement priority for homeowners who want more indoor comfort and lower utility bills. Most attics contain only a minimal amount of insulation, well below the level needed to cope with extreme temperature shifts while limiting energy costs.

Studies by the U.S. Department of Energy show that most attics have an insulating rating of less than R-20. For U.S. homes in colder climates, the DOE recommends a rating of R-49 or higher.

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Fortunately, an attic insulation upgrade is one of the most affordable and cost-effective energy upgrades available. By sealing air leaks and upgrading your attic insulation to DOE recommendations, homeowners can save more than 40 % on their monthly utility bills.

Benefits of Blown Fiberglass Insulation

At Weatherization Plus, we have several different options to upgrade your insulation. Among the most cost-effective options is blown fiberglass. When you allow our certified experts to install blown fiberglass insulation in your attic, your benefits will include:

  • A permanent home improvement that needs no maintenance and will not wear out.
  • An affordable way to boost your home's energy-efficiency and cut your utility bills.
  • A one-day, hassle-free installation. 
  • An insulation upgrade without hazardous fumes or outgassing.

Creating a Fluffy Blanket of Insulation

Although it is pink and fluffy like fiberglass insulation manufactured in rolls, our blown fiberglass insulation is applied with special blowing equipment. It comes in densely packed bales that are wrapped in plastic. During the application process, shredded fiberglass is blown through a long hose and a technician in the attic directs the flow of fiberglass until the proper depth is achieved.

In most cases, new blown fiberglass can be applied directly over existing insulation to create a thick, fluffy blanket of high-quality insulation that will make a dramatic difference in your personal comfort and your utility bills. However, air sealing is an important factor in determining the efficacy of your insulation. If air is allowed to actively move through your insulation, the R-value is negatively affected. We highly recommend insulation extraction, air sealing and then insulation installation.

Handling All Parts of Your Insulation Upgrade

The first step of your upgrade to blown fiberglass insulation should involve air sealing. That’s because fiberglass insulation slows heat transfer by conduction but won’t stop energy losses caused by air leaks. To maximize the impact of your installation, our technicians will move existing insulation aside in your attic to seal gaps, cracks and other air leaks before in the fresh fiberglass insulation.

Upgrade Your Attic with Blown-In Insulation

Weatherization Plus has a superior track record for service to our customers in the Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY area. That is why we received an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard. We excel in all areas of home insulation, including the installation of blown-in insulation. When you're ready to add some blown fiberglass, cellulose or rockwool to your attic to boost your R-value, contact us online or give us a call at 859-203-0706 to get a free estimate or learn more about our services.

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