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At Weatherization Plus, we understand just how important home energy efficiency really is, and we will do whatever it takes to give you a more comfortable and affordable home with home energy upgrades. If you're not sure where to start, we can offer a home energy evaluation to help determine the services that will make the biggest impact on your home.

Don't let your uncomfortable home environment control the cost of your utility bills. Just contact Weatherization Plus for insulation and home energy upgrades that will keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low.

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We offer various services to help make your home more comfortable while increasing your savings. Some of these services include:

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Home energy upgrades can help keep your home comfortable without making you overspend on utility bills. With a home energy evaluation from Weatherization Plus, you can find out where your home has air leaks and other inefficient areas so you can prioritize which upgrades should be done first to make the biggest impact on your home.

When you want to increase your home efficiency, as well as your savings, contact Weatherization Plus at 859-203-0706 to learn more. We serve Greater Stamping Ground, KY and surrounding areas.

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Duct-work can become damaged or even disconnected over time. Whether it is the result of a house settling, people moving around in the attic, or racoons ransacking the crawlspace, disconnected or damaged duct-work can make your house an uncomfortable place! After all, do you really want to heat or cool your attic or crawlspace? This customer hadn't been able to get into the crawlspace in years. She was surprised at just how much damage had been done to the duct-work and dryer venting. There was substantial damage to some of the duct-work and venting (see yellow arrows). One duct was clamped off in the crawlspace to the point where no air was coming out of the vent in one of the bedrooms (see blue arrow). Another duct had become disconnected from the vent and was blowing air into the crawlspace (see green arrow). And finally, the seams on the main trunk-line in the crawlspace had actually had "duct tape" covering them which had loosened and was allowing air to blow into the crawlspace (see red arrows). This is very typical. Our salespeople see this type of damage and disconnection all the time. Once the duct-work is repaired or replaced, and is connected properly, this customer will quickly feel the difference in the comfort levels inside her home. Plus, once the duct-work is sealed and insulated (or encapsulated), she will enjoy the added benefit of a reduction in her utility usage.

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