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Before and After Pictures from Georgetown
Cleaning Outdoor HVAC Unit in Georgetown

Cleaning Outdoor HVAC Unit in Georgetown

Before After
Cleaning Outdoor HVAC Unit in Georgetown Cleaning Outdoor HVAC Unit in Georgetown

When our specially trained technicians conduct a Home Comfort Assessment, one of the things they do is check the outdoor HVAC component. In this case, the dryer vent was located right beside the outside HVAC component. This unit was in the direct line of fire for the lint coming out of the dryer vent. Over time, the outside unit became caked with lint on the back the point of having the consistency of a woolen blanket!

The before photo actually shows what the unit looked like after a section of the lint blanket had been removed so you can see how different it looks

The after photo shows the lint blanket. Notice the drill nearby for size reference. YUCK!!

Closed Cell Spray Foam in Historic Georgetown Home

Closed Cell Spray Foam in Historic Georgetown Home

Before After
Closed Cell Spray Foam in Historic Georgetown Home Closed Cell Spray Foam in Historic Georgetown Home

This 230+ year old historic home in Georgetown is under complete renovation by its owners. Realizing the importance of good insulation, this couple asked for a consultation. On this particular visit, we were evaluating the home for closed cell spray foam insulation up against the roof deck. The space which most of us would consider to be the attic, wasn't going to serve such a purpose in the end. This area was going to be transformed into a music studio and living space. Therefore, there would be no real place to use blown-in insulation like cellulose.

The closed cell spray foam would be the perfect insulation product to use to accomplish the homeowners desires. This type of insulation would give them the desired r-value while allowing the homeowners to have a ceiling installed just beneath it. Because the house was very old and was a stone house, the roof didn't exactly meet the gable ends of the home precisely. Gaps could be seen in many areas, but with spray foam, we could easily fill those gaps and make the roof air tight.

Infrared Imaging Garage with Room Above

Infrared Imaging Garage with Room Above

Before After
Infrared Imaging Garage with Room Above Infrared Imaging Garage with Room Above

We get calls every week from people who have rooms over the garage that just don’t stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer like the rest of the house. Most of the time, the room is a bedroom or bedroom with private bathroom combination.

During the winter, we can use our infrared imaging camera to “see” just what is going on with this type of situation.

The first photo is taken from inside the garage and is what you would see with the naked eye. There’s nothing that really sticks out as problematic [even though the garage door is open].

The second photo, however, really shows us what’s going on!

The blue color indicates probable batt insulation in one section of the ceiling. I say “probable” because the infrared camera can’t see through the drywall, but we can say that there is something with insulation value in that one section.

The yellow and orange and red colors indicate heat in various intensities. This translates into a largely un-insulated garage ceiling. The garage ceiling is the floor of the bedroom above. The warn air that is supposed to be heating the bedroom is leaking down through the floor and into the garage which is making that bedroom uncomfortable.

We can fix this problem and make that bedroom more comfortable.

Insulation Installation and Radon Reduction in Georgetown, KY

I will recommend you to anyone who needs any kind of insulation....
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Georgetown, KY Insulation Installation

In Georgetown, KY and throughout the nation, heating and cooling is one of the most expensive monthly bills, and hundreds of dollars a year go toward energy costs. If you could cut down on your energy bills significantly and achieve a greater level of comfort at home, would you do it? With many years of experience, that's exactly what Weatherization Plus's insulation installation services are here to do!

Home insulation services in Georgetown, KY

Weatherization Plus specializes in insulation services that will keep your home and the weather outside separate. We are skilled with a wide variety of insulation types, including blown-in, cellulose, rigid foam, and many more. Our energy specialists can install the best kind of insulation throughout your home, in your attic, basement, garage, and even a crawl space. Additionally, if you decide to perform a whole home energy audit, we can discover air leaks and ductwork problems, and we will work hard to remedy these situations for optimal energy efficiency.

Home energy efficiency is a reliable way to save money month after month and year after year. If you're in need of insulation services, you've come to the right place! Schedule an appointment with Weatherization Plus today in Georgetown, KY or an area nearby!

Mold Testing

Contact Weatherization Plus today to schedule a mold inspection. Don’t lose sleep worrying about mold in your home. Give us a call or send us an email to setup an appointment for mold testing. Let’s begin the end of your mold problems.

National Radon Defense specialists in Georgetown, KY

If you have radon levels around or above 4 picocuries per liter, then your family is being exposed to harmful levels of radiation. Radon is one of the leading causes of cancer and other health issues, as an odorless gas that can easily go unnoticed, we are committed to helping you detect it in your home. One of our Greater Lexington and surrounding areas National Radon Defense trained specialists will assess how potent the radon source is, how radon is entering your home and how well your home is ventilating the harmful gasses.

If our technicians prove that radon is an issue in your home, they will install a radon mitigation system that will lower the concentration of radon in your Georgetown, KY home to what is recommended by the EPA and other health organizations. First, we install a plastic pipe that connects the air from under your foundation to the outside of your home. An in-line fan then sucks the radon air from under your foundation and circulates the gas outside of your home. With our simple radon system, the radon is expelled from your home instead of entering it through the numerous cracks and gaps throughout.

Case Studies From Georgetown
The owners of a 237 year old house in Georgetown, KY called us for an evaluation of their home while it was in the process of being renovated and was...
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Very Unique Project in Georgetown, KY!

Two of our valued customers own a very unique property near Georgetown, KY. The old stone house was built in 1780 and is currently undergoing a total renovation. An equally old log cabin was purchased, dismantled, relocated to the property, reassembled and attached to the back of the stone house. At this point in the renovation process, we were invited to come out and look at providing insulation for both the stone house and the log cabin. Because the stone house doesn't have a roof on it yet, we will begin our portion of the project with the log cabin. The owners had the tin roof of the log cabin flipped over so the rusty side can be seen from inside the cabin. A roofing company is building a roof truss system to attach to the top of the old cabin and we will be charged with installing insulation between the old tin roof and the new roof. We are so excited about this opportunity! The prject will be done in phases and we will cover each phase on our website.

Very Unique Project in Georgetown, KY! - Photo 1
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