Radon Gas Mitigation

Greater Lexington and surrounding areas Radon Gas Mitigation

radon gas entering home

Keep your home safe with expert radon testing and radon mitigation from Weatherization Plus.

Take action against radon infesting your home with Weatherization Plus of Kentucky! We provide expert radon testing services and cost-estimates on radon mitigation systems in your Greater Lexington and surrounding areas home.

What to consider with radon issues:

  • How strong the radon source is
  • How easily radon enters your home
  • How well your home ventilates radon

Getting your home tested for radon has never been easier with Weatherization Plus of Kentucky! One of our National Radon Defense trained specialists can conduct a radon test in your home in as little as two days!

Call 1-859-449-7706 or contact us to find out more about our radon testing and mitigation services. We proudly serve the Lexington, Richmond, Versailles and nearby areas in Kentucky!

Fast Radon Facts

NRD Certified
  • Radon is an unscented gas generated by uranium decay in rocks and soil
  • Located in every state
  • Homes with crawl spaces at high risk for radon issues
  • As cancer-causing as tobacco smoke and asbestos, causes 15,400-21,800 deaths every year
  • If radon is at or above 4 pCi/L then your home needs a radon mitigation system
  • Low-level radon exposure over time is more harmful than short periods of high-level exposure
  • Radon levels are up to ten times higher during the winter

Getting a radon mitigation system installed

How a radon mitigation system works

Weatherization Plus's radon mitigation system uses sub-slab depressurization to reduce radon levels.

How does a Mitigation Systems Work

  • PVC pipe collects radon in the soil 
  • Radon is piped upwards in the building
  • A radon depressurization vent forces radon out from your home

Weatherization Plus is your trusted mitigation contractor, offering complete radon reduction services. Our radon mitigation system is compatible with current waterproofing systems in your basement and we can also provide multifamily radon mitigation in compliance with the HUD Radon Policy in Greater Lexington and surrounding areas!

If testing proves the radon levels are at or above 4 picocuries (pCi/L) in your home in Lexington, Richmond, Versailles or the surrounding areas, a mitigation system must be installed by the radon professionals at Weatherization Plus to safely reduce the concentration of gas.