Crawl Space Mold Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Crawl Space Mold in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Mold can quickly develop in warm, damp, and humid environments so it is not unusual to find mold growing in a crawl space. That is why you should let Weatherization Plus perform mold testing on a regular basis, particularly in dark, moist places like crawl spaces.

When mold makes a home in your crawl space, it will diffuse airborne mold spores through the air you breathe and create health hazards for individuals with allergies, asthma, and weak immune systems. Black mold spores are even riskier. They are covered in mycotoxin, a toxigenic substance that can cause migraines, pneumonia and even certain types of cancer.

Even if your health is not affected, your home comfort will be. Mold triggers musty odors and "heavy" air that can permeate your home in the Greater Georgetown & Lexington, KY area. Our certified technicians offer crawl space mold testing to quickly locate any sources of mold or air leaks that require immediate attention. The sooner we spot a potential issue, the sooner we eliminate any chance of it impacting your home and your health.

Let Weatherization Plus Test for Mold in Your Crawl Space

Contact Weatherization Plus as soon as you suspect any mold growth in your crawl space. We are fully aware of the damage that mold can inflict on your property so we offer reliable mold testing services to locate any signs of mold and stop them in their tracks.

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Our technicians use advanced mold testing equipment to get the most accurate results. Once we have done the test, we can help recommend the best solutions to deal with your crawl space mold. We also offer crawl space encapsulation, air sealing, and ventilation services to prevent mold from ever reaching your crawl space.

When you notice mold in your crawl space, don't wait to contact us at 859-203-0706. We serve properties in the Greater Lexington and Georgetown, KY areas.

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