Mold Testing Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY Areas

Mold Testing in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY Areas

Mold testing and inspection services from Lexington's experts

Don't let mold linger. Mold is attracted to different materials that most people have around their home, such as wallboard or insulation to name a few. However, if any of these materials get wet, damp or have moisture accumulating, you could be facing mold growth.

Mold is an alarming issue for every homeowner. If it starts growing in your home, you have opened yourself up to lots of unwanted possibilities, including health risks for family members. That is why it is wise to let Weatherization Plus inspect your home on a regular basis and test for mold. A little preventive maintenance can go a long way toward preventing the presence of mold in your home. 

What makes mold so dangerous? In addition to causing a number of health problems, ranging from respiratory ailments to certain type of cancer, mold also feeds on organic matter. It can damage your building materials, furniture and other valuables while impacting the structural integrity of your property.

Mold Warning Signs

If you start to notice any of the following warning signs, you may have mold presence in your home:

  • Visible Mold development
  • Musty odors
  • Water damage or moisture problems
  • Indoor humidity

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If you can see or smell any signs of mold, or if have recently experienced any kind of water damage, contact Weatherization Plus to learn more about our mold testing services in Lexington and Georgetown, KY!

Let Weatherization Plus Answer Your Mold Questions

Although it's very possible to see and smell the signs of mold in your home, it may still leave you with questions. Let us, at Weatherization Plus, answer your mold questions by determining the following:

  • Where is mold most commonly found?
  • Can mold hide in wall cavities and other unseen areas?
  • What types of mold are most dangerous and damaging?
  • Should I get mold testing?
  • What information does mold testing provide?
  • How can I make sure mold doesn't come back after I have it removed?
  • How do I make my home mold-resistant?

Complete Mold Testing and Disaster Repair

If you're worried about mold, contact Weatherization Plus. Our certified mold testing specialists can solve all of your mold problems and prevent them from coming back. Let us provide the following services:

  • Mold testing and inspecting your home to locate mold damage and provide moisture control solutions.
  • Mold testing locate the source of mold presence.

Protect Your Home from Mold with Weatherization Plus

Contact Weatherization Plus to learn more about our mold testing service or to schedule your inspection today. Leave the worry to us and give us a call at 859-203-0706 to schedule your mold testing so we can get your home back to health.

Our mold testing and insulation services are available in Greater Georgetown and Lexington, KY and surrounding areas.

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