Soundproofing Insulation

Soundproofing Insulation Solutions in Lexington & Throughout KY

Create a quiet, comfortable space with premium rockwool insulation

ProWool rockwool insulation is blown into an attic

ProWool™ insulation is blown into the attic for soundproofing and comfort upgrades.

If you want more peace and quiet in your home, business, or property, rockwool insulation from Dr. Energy Saver  is an effective option for soundproofing. ProWool™ insulation not only adds comfort and saves energy, it effectively absorbs sound and helps create a quieter place to live or work.

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ProWool™ premium rockwool insulation

ProWool insulation added to attic joists

ProWool™ insulation effectively fills voids for higher R-value.

ProWool™ rockwool insulation offers not only excellent thermal insulation properties, but also sound control. If you're dealing with noisy neighbors, traffic or aircraft noise, ProWool™ can make a big difference.

ProWool™ rockwool insulation can be blown in or densely packed into attics other open cavities to update existing walls.

ProWool™ Benefits:

  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Dust-free and odor-free installation
  • Won't settle or sag
  • Naturally resists mold and mildew
  • Fireproof

Professional sound control insulation services

Weatherization Plus not only offers a wide range of insulation options, but we also handle the installation to ensure the insulation performs like it should. Along with ProWool™ rockwool insulation, we also offer other insulation and energy-efficiency options that can help with comfort, energy savings, and sound control.

If you're looking to create a quiet environment, contact the experts at Weatherization Plus to discuss how ProWool™ insulation can help. We'll schedule a personalized consultation, which includes a free price estimate. We offer our soundproofing insulation services in Richmond, Lexington, Versailles and throughout Kentucky.