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Insulation Services Before & After Photos

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New Cellulose Insulation in Paris Kentucky

This is a just a nice couple of photos that show an attic without insulation to begin with followed by a photo taken after the cellulose insulation was installed by our wonderful guys!

New TruSoft Insulation in Berea, KY

This wonderful customer in Berea, KY was building a new home. This is the ideal time to work with Weatherization Plus so that your house will perform at a higher level from the beginning. Starting with a clean slate is very important to improving the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the home.

After we completed air sealing the attic, we blew in our TruSoft cellulose insulation!


Sealing a Top Plate in Berea, KY

After extracting the old, dirty, compromised attic insulation in a customer's house in Berea, KY, we were able to clearly see the top plates. Rarely do we ever see top plates that have been air sealed. This house was no different. Because the top plates hadn't been sealed, air was actually passing through these gaps causing issues with the comfort levels in this home and turning the insulation into a giant filter. Insulation is supposed to insulate, not filter!

Our crews worked to seal every top plate and rim joist in this attic before new, fresh, clean insulation would be installed.

The first photo shows the gap running along the top plate, as indicated by the yellow arrows.

The second photo shows the top plate after being sealed with spray foam insulation as indicated by the blue arrows.

These small gaps are present throughout the attic and, if you could combine them into 1 gap, would be like having a standard sized window open about 3 inches 24-hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year! Nobody wants that! Weatherization Plus can fix your uncomfortable house!

Old Insulation Extraction in Lexington, KY

This Lexington customer called wanting a full evaluation of her home because she was experiencing temperature differences between rooms. The insulation in the home had settled quite a bit over the years and air was moving back and forth along the floor joists located in the attic. 

This customer had old, dirty insulation that needed to be extracted so air sealing could be completed and fresh, new, clean insulation could be installed according to local climate and building code requirements.

These photos show her original insulation and then a clean attic ready for sweeping and air sealing.

Commercial Renovation Insulation Project Phase 1 in Lexington, KY

A barn-style building in the downtown Lexington, KY area was being renovated and converted into office space. The General Contractor wanted fiberglass batt insulation up against the roof deck to insulate the "attic" equivalent for this building as part of the Phase 1 Insulation.

Our crew went to work and installed the fiberglass insulation for this portion of the project.

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