Floor Insulation Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Floor Insulation Service in Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Spray Foam in the crawl space in Versailles

Insulation will keep your ground floor from losing heat to the basement or crawlspace. It will seal air leaks, too.

No one enjoys waking up to cold floors, especially in the winter months. Too often, that is a reality for homeowners with ground-level floors that sit above a chilly basement or crawl space.

Ground level floors get cold in the winter because the insulation is often inadequate, non-existent or improperly installed beneath the floorboards. As heated air escapes from the upper levels of your home, cold air is drawn in through cracks around lower-level windows and doors, from below the floor, and from outdoors. Because the cold air is heavier than warm air, it tends to hug the floor, cool its surface and make a barefoot person wish for thermal socks. Winter drafts also will cool your floors.

Insulating the floors in your home will reduce drafts, warm your floors and lower your utility bills. Weatherization Plus can help. As the premier home insulation company for customers in the Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY area, our certified craftsmen install all types of insulation for all parts of your home, including your floors. Our insulation services are legendary and our prices are customer-friendly.

Insulation Solutions for Below Your Floor

The best way to warm up your floor is to convert the space below to a conditioned space by insulating the basement or crawl space. By choosing the proper insulation material for your sub-ground setting, those spaces will become much warmer and so will the floors above them.

When it’s not possible to insulate the walls of your basement or crawl space, the certified experts from Weatherization Plus can insulate the joist bays (spaces between joists) under your floor. We have several materials that can do the job, including rigid foam.

Our installers pay close attention to perimeter rim joists and other areas known for air leaks. Whatever insulation option you choose, be sure and back it up with a thorough air sealing of your home.

Air sealing reduces the stack effect in your home and will improve its energy-efficiency. The stack effect happens because your home is constantly trying to expel air through small openings in its upper reaches while pulling in air through gaps in the lower levels of your home.

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Cozy Tips for Warmer Feet

  • Vinyl, carpet, cork, and wood feel warmer to your feet than ceramic tile, stone, and concrete.
  • Install glass doors on your fireplace.
  • Where feasible, supply outdoor combustion air to your furnace or boiler. Drawing combustion air from your basement or utility closet creates drafts.
  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors, especially the gaps between the bottom of exterior doors and thresholds.
  • Wear warm slippers and socks.

Warm Up Cold Floors Above Garages, Porches & Balconies

Plenty of other floors in your home can get cold besides those on a ground-level floor. Rooms built above garages often lack insulation. So do porches and cantilevered floors that overhang the foundation's perimeter. Balconies, bay and bow winds and bump-outs are all examples of cantilevered spaces. Such floors are prone to air leaks because of ill-fitting soffits to seal the overhang, combined with direct exposure to wind.

Trust Weatherization Plus for all of Your Floor Insulation Needs

When it's time to warm up the floors at your old Kentucky home, count on Weatherization Plus to provide the products, services and professionals to make the installation a success. Contact us online or give us a call at 859-203-0706 to learn more about how we can improve the performance of your home in Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, Versailles, Nicholasville, Frankfort, Paris, Wilmore, Stamping Ground, Lawrenceburg or any of the other communities within our region.

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