Duct Insulation Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Duct Insulation Service in Georgetown & Lexington, KY

Every homeowner would prefer to use less energy while heating and cooling the house as long as the indoor comfort level remains the same. That would lower utility bills without sacrificing the quality of your indoor environment. That may sound like a fantasy, but the potential to make it happen is real.

It all depends on your ductwork.

If the ducts in your home are poorly sealed, inadequately insulated or completely uninsulated, they could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in utility bills while making your home more uncomfortable than it should be. The situation becomes more critical if your ductwork is located in an attic or a vented crawl space, where uncomfortable, unconditioned air from those areas could penetrate your home through leaky air ducts. Weatherization Plus has the experience, equipment and manpower to solve your dilemma.

By insulating your air ducts, our certified experts can make your home safer, quieter and more comfortable while saving you money on your utility bills. Our company serves customers in Lexington & Georgetown, KY, as well as the surrounding communities in our region.

At Weatherization Plus, all of our technicians have completed the OSHA 30-hour Construction Industry Outreach Training course, a comprehensive safety program for individuals in the construction industry. Our company also has earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard.

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uninsulated ductwork in attic

Uninsulated or poorly sealed ducts in your attic or vented crawl space waste energy and harm your indoor comfort.

Key Benefits of Insulating Your Air Ducts

  • Warmer rooms in winter
  • Cooler rooms in summer
  • Lower utility bills
  • Less dust and noise in the house
  • Extended life cycle for your HVAC unit

If you're looking for a proven professional to insulate your ductwork, trust the insulation experts at Weatherization Plus to schedule your in-home consultation and get a free cost estimate.

Leaky Ducts Waste Money & Lower Comfort

Ducts have lots of joints, gaps and holes. These can cause air leaks in the vented attic or crawl space when the air handler is off. That means conditioned air you paid to heat and cool and will leak into your attic and crawl space, increasing your utility bill.

Our Solution to Air Leaks: Duct Encapsulation

Ducts insulated with spray foam

Ductwork insulated with spray foam.

To stop the air leaks in your ductwork, Weatherization Plus will seal and insulate your ducts right over the existing insulation with closed-cell foam insulation. Duct Encapsulation provides a superior R-value per inch and will make your ducts airtight by recovering some insulation value from your existing duct wrap. When combined with blown insulation in the attic, your ducts are adequately covered in cellulose insulation. If you have ductwork that isn't insulated at all, we can add insulation with the right R-value to handle the job.

Trust Us to Insulate Your Ductwork

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends using a certified professional to seal and insulate your air ducts. Our experts at Weatherization Plus more than qualify. We will make sure the proper materials are used and installed correctly to make your ductwork airtight and leak-free. Contact us online or give us a call at 859-203-0706 for a free estimate or to learn more about our superior home insulation services for our customers in Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, Versailles and the surrounding areas.

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