Crawl Space Upgrades Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Crawl Space Upgrades in Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Crawl Space Insulation and Upgrades

Avoid this mistake. Fiberglass batt insulation installed between joists in a crawl space will not provide adequate or long-lasting protection against frozen pipes or cold floors.

During the cold winter months, every homeowner has similar goals: improve your home's indoor comfort, lower heating costs and prevent frozen pipes. A great way to make that happen is to upgrade your crawl space to prevent cold floors, frozen pipes and energy loss that will trigger increased utility bills.

Weatherization Plus is the gold standard for service when it comes to upgrading crawl spaces in the Lexington & Georgetown, Kentucky areas. Our company has earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard.

When it is time to address your crawl space, we will perform a thorough inspection and seal all air leaks. After that, our proven professionals will install high-performance insulation to help improve your home comfort and energy efficiency year-round.

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Ways We Will Upgrade your Crawl Space

  • Insulating & air sealing the rim joist. Left untreated, this thin layer of framing will allow heat to escape and cold outside air to infiltrate your home. A professionally installed foam insulation upgrade eliminates these problems.
  • Insulate crawl space walls with rigid foam. Many crawl spaces have fiberglass batt insulation installed between floor joists. Unfortunately, fiberglass insulation doesn’t perform well in crawl space environments. That's why we insulate crawl space walls with rigid foam insulation. This high-performance rigid foam won’t lose its R-value or fall out of place once installed. It also is immune to moisture damage.
Upgrading crawl space with foam insulation

A smart & permanent solution. Insulating crawl space walls with rigid foam insulation creates a thermal barrier that can’t be damaged by moisture and won’t degrade in appearance or R-value over time.

  • Insulate your crawl space floor. For greater comfort and energy savings, we insulate dirt crawl space floors with rigid foam insulation. While not as vital as insulating your crawl space walls, adding foam board insulation to the floor will reduce heat loss in the winter.

Let Us Seal & Insulate your Crawl Space

When you are ready to upgrade your crawl space insulation for the cold winter months, our crews from Weatherization Plus offer superior upgrades that you will enjoy the whole year-round. We will seal and insulate your crawl space to protect and enhance your home's warm, comfortable indoor environment during the coldest part of the year. Contact us online or give us a call at 859-203-0706 for a free estimate about our wide range of insulation solutions to homeowners in Lexington, Georgetown, Richmond, Versailles, Frankfort, Nicholasville, Lawrenceburg, Paris, Wilmore, Stamping Ground and other communities in our service area.

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