Infrared Imaging Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Infrared Imaging in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Infrared Imaging from Lexington's experts

Make your home energy evaluation simple with Weatherization Plus. When you let our home energy specialists take infrared imaging of your home, we can quickly assess where the source of your energy loss problems exists.

It's hard to determine why you have high energy bills and home comfort issues when you can't see the source of the problem. The same is true when you're trying to understand why your HVAC system produces inconsistent heating and cooling from room-to-room.

However, with thermal imaging, Weatherizaton Plus can help locate your home energy-efficiency issues and provide solutions to improve your overall home comfort. Whether your home suffers from poor insulation, air leaks or thermal bridging, our certified technicians can correct the issue.

We offer infrared imaging services for homes and commercial properties in Lexington and Georgetown, Kentucky as well as their surrounding communities. So when you're ready to lower your energy bills and enhance the comfort of your property, contact us at 859-203-0706.

How Infrared Imaging Works

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Infrared technology uses infrared cameras as a non-invasive way to assess various home performance issues. This technology searches your property for insufficient insulation, air leaks, and thermal bridges and helps determine what's causing these issues without having to cut through walls or ceilings. It's one of the most accurate and indestructible ways to locate energy loss.

We use state-of-the-art, FLIR infrared cameras, and technology for thermal imaging.

The Advantages of Infrared Imaging

  • Locate the source of energy loss
  • Find defective insulation
  • Search for air leaks
  • Finds moisture in walls and insulation
  • Searches for potential mold growth
  • Find thermal bridges
  • Detects moisture issues or potential areas at risk

Why Have Infrared Imaging?

  • Get a full assessment of home energy issues
  • Locates the sources of energy loss
  • Takes a measurement of temperatures
  • Helps us find what areas need repairs/solutions
  • Finds potential issues before they become problematic
  • Saves time and money!

Air Infiltration and Exfiltration Detection and Visualization

Infrared Imagining with FLIR in Kentucky

Get a comprehensive thermal image of your property. Our FLIR thermal cameras locate air leaks and moisture in your insulation and walls.

If you want to keep your property healthy and comfortable, it's important to have a reliable air exchange or ventilation system. But what most homeowners don't know is that the air exchange rate increases when you have air leaks.

Figuring out the various sources of air infiltration and exfiltration is not an easy task and it can get expensive. This process can also damage your home if you have to locate insufficient insulation in your walls or roof, which is nearly impossible to do without cutting and removing pieces of your wall or structure. It's best to just let the home energy specialists at Weatherization Plus handle the task and implement home comfort solutions that will last, without costing you more than you need to spend or damaging parts of your property that we can avoid.

Finding Potential Mold Development

In addition to finding air leaks, thermal imaging can also find the presence of moisture on your property. This provides valuable information as it helps us locate the areas where potential mildew, rot and mold development will most likely occur, so we can implement solutions to actually prevent mold growth. Neglecting any signs of mold, mildew, and rot can create health and safety risks for you and your property so it's vital to find these sources and prevent them asap.

Distinguish Thermal Bridges

Thermal bridges happen when the common area or living room in your property has a lower thermal resistance. This occurs because certain parts in your walls allow for energy waste when heat is directed to the path of least resistance from your living areas to the outdoors. However, with our infrared thermal imaging, we can pinpoint thermal bridges and fix them.

Save Energy with Weatherization Plus

Don't let energy waste affect your home or wallet. Let our home energy specialists at Weatherization Plus provide home energy and comfort solutions to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient while saving you money. Contact us today at 859-203-0706 to schedule your thermal imaging service in Greater Lexington and Georgetown, KY areas.

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