Duct Sealing Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Duct Sealing in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Among homeowners, everyone wants better indoor air quality and lower utility bills. That's a tough combination to achieve, but you can make both goals a reality with duct sealing services from Weatherization Plus.

Your ductwork helps your HVAC system distribute heated or cooled air, also known as "conditioned air," to your living areas and throughout the rest of your home to keep the indoor environment comfortable.

Even though ductwork sounds like a basic term, it's an important part of your home and it's smart to keep your duct system in good shape. When you have ductwork problems, it can have adverse effects on your comfort, health and utility costs. When you need help with ductwork problems, contact Weatherization Plus at 859-203-0706 for help. We are always ready to inspect your duct system and provide solutions that will keep your home comfortable.

Common Ductwork Problems

  • Leaky Ducts - reduce your HVAC efficiency by up to 40% and are the most common ductwork problems. You wouldn't want your costly conditioned air to leak into the attic, basement or crawl space through cracks in your supply ducts and you definitely don't want to breathe the air that's sucked through your leaky return ducts and then circulated back to your living areas, so it's important to think about having these problems fixed by encapsulating the duct system.
  • Imbalanced Ductwork - happens when the amount of air being delivered through supply ducts doesn't match the amount of air drawn into your return ducts. This usually happens because the size of supply and return ducts and the location are off and it makes some areas in your home too hot or cold and wastes energy while doing so.

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  • Uninsulated or poorly insulated ducts - wastes an absurd amount of energy. One example is your HVAC system blowing hot air through uninsulated ducts located in a cold attic but, before you can warm up your living space, the HVAC system has to heat up the attic ductwork first. In summer, you blow cool air through the uninsulated ductwork that's already been heated.
  • Safety - Air duct leaks can cause backdrafting in combustion appliances like gas ranges, furnaces or wood stoves and causes pressure imbalances, which also risks carbon monoxide exposure.

Duct Sealing with Weatherization Plus

Duct sealing can help remedy your ductwork problems but it also makes your home a better and more comfortable place. Not only will duct sealing give you a cleaner, smoother airflow from your HVAC system, but it also reduces the risks of allergens and contaminants from circulating in throughout your home.

When you want to improve the quality of your indoor air and significantly reduce energy bills, duct sealing is the perfect solution.

Ductwork for your Greater Lexington or Georgetown Home

Duct leakage can result in your HVAC system wasting up to 40% of energy use so it's important to have your ductwork tested and inspected during your home energy evaluation or checkup.

When you need to have your ductwork and energy efficiency assessed, contact Weatherization Plus at 859-203-0706. We offer a wide range of insulation, ductwork, and home energy services in Greater Lexington and Georgetown, KY and surrounding areas.

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