Dehumidification Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Dehumidification Services in Lexington & Georgetown, KY

Even if you live in a place with a relatively dry climate, humidity can seep into your home's attic, basement and crawl space if the right conditions occur. It's even more challenging to keep a healthy, dry home in an area where the relative humidity reading hits 82 % on a typical morning and the average daily reading is 70 %. That is the case for homeowners in the Lexington and Georgetown, KY area. 

That is also a reason to rely on Weatherization Plus to remove some humidity from your home environment. We provide homeowners with the best basement and crawl space dehumidification systems available for their homes.

Time and time again, our dehumidifiers have proven to keep dry air circulating throughout your basement so you never have to worry about humid air or odors, and your home will feel cleaner than ever. Following your dehumidification system installation, you'll receive a full written warranty from our installers.

Mother Nature adds plenty of humidity to the outdoor air for Kentucky residents. You don't need that level of humidity creeping into your home as well.

How Our Dehumidifiers Work

At Weatherization Plus, our dehumidifiers are self-draining directly into the sump pump system. Because homes breathe from the bottom up, the air in your entire home will be much cleaner from dehumidification in the lower level.

That will translate to benefits throughout the whole house.  We recommend installing professional dehumidification systems that are both powerful and energy-efficient to eliminate excess "heavy" air from your indoor environment. Our certified technicians can make that a reality in no time.

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When you choose to dehumidify your house with Weatherization Plus, you will notice benefits throughout the house just from conditioning the air in your basement or crawl space. If you need repair services, our skilled craftsmen can handle that task, too.

Trust Weatherization Plus to Dehumidify Your Home

Find out how you can get a clean, dry home in Georgetown or Lexington, KY and their surrounding communities with one of our high-quality dehumidification systems by contacting Weatherization Plus. Our service professionals will be happy to provide a free estimate or more information about our wide range of services to improve the indoor air quality at your old Kentucky home.

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