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Duct Insulation Before & After Photos

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Insulated Duct Work vs. Non-Insulated Duct Work

This is not your typical Before & After photo grouping. This is Insulated Duct Work vs. Non-Insulated Duct Work

One of our fantastic Nicholasville customers was having a room addition built onto his house. The addition required its own HVAC system. Since this customer realized the value of having his uncomfortable home fixed, he decided to have the new duct system insulated. He chose a bubble-wrap style duct insulation for the new ductwork as shown in the Before photo.

The HVAC system on the original side of the house was not insulated when the home was built. This is typically what we see when we conduct an Home Comfort Assessment. Most duct systems are not insulated. The red arrow indicates a seam in the metal trunk-line. Although taped a year or so ago, over time, joints like this will shift as the house settles thus breaking the seal and allowing air to escape into the attic. It’s natural for home to settle over time and for ductwork to be affected by this phenomenon.  Once this happens, the homeowner will notice an increase in his energy bills and a decrease in his level of home comfort. We know he will give us call when this happens!

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