Attic Mold Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown Areas

Attic Mold Service in Greater Lexington & Georgetown, KY

When there is mold present in your attic, poor ventilation and air leaks typically are to blame. When moisture reaches your attic, mold and wood rot are quick to develop. With proper ventilation, air sealing and insulation, Weatherization Plus can prevent that issue. In addition, these services can cut your HVAC expenses by up to 40%.

Why is Attic Mold an Issue?

When you have mold in your attic, it can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of your home. That includes your roof sheathing and rafters. Airborne mold spores are another concern because mold poses potential health hazards that range from respiratory ailments to certain types of cancer. 

Mold Growth & Wood Rot from Moist Attic Air

Mold caused by dryer vent in attic

Mold from ventilation mistake. This dryer vent is blowing moist air into the attic instead of outside of the home. Black stains on the roof decking are mold caused by this moisture.

Poor ventilation and air leaks usually allow easy access for moist air to enter the attic. In many cases, improperly installed bathroom vent fans have been found to release moist air directly into the attic.

You can find air leaks in many spaces, including your attic entry, light fixtures, and heating vents. When warm and humid air enters the underside of your roof deck, moisture will condense and let water drip down the rafters and into your attic.

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Improve your Home Comfort while Resolving Attic Mold Problems

When your attic has mold or moisture accumulation, it's a good sign that you probably have too much air leaking into your attic from your living areas. With Weatherization Plus, you will get certified home energy specialists who are trained to locate and seal air leaks in your attic quickly and efficiently. We can also recommend an attic insulation upgrade that will help prevent your attic mold issues from coming back to your home in Lexington or Georgetown.

Contact Weatherization Plus for a Home Energy Evaluation & Estimate

When you find attic mold in your home, contact Weatherization Plus. We'll assess the damage and determine a solution right away so you can get comfortable again. If you want to increase your energy savings but are unsure how to do it, we can also offer a home energy evaluation to locate the source of your energy problems and suggest the best solutions to reduce your bills once and for all.

When you're ready to get rid of your attic mold problem and get your home back on track to comfort, contact us at 859-203-0706. Our home energy services are available in Greater Lexington and Georgetown, KY and surrounding areas.

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