Clean Slate Attic

This photo album shows a typical attic AFTER the old, compromised insulation was extracted by our awesome team! It is important to remove old, dirty, compromised insulation before fresh, clean insulation is installed. Why? For one, compromised insulation can contain allergens that can irritate people living in the home when they are transported through the house by way of gaps and cracks and leaky ducts. Second, because mice and other pests may have damaged the insulation by depositing waste materials onto it. This can create a health hazard. Finally, air sealing can only be completed in the absence of insulation.
Extraction allows us to see all of the gaps and cracks in the attic so we can seal them, which prevents air from leaking into living spaces from the attic. We use different materials, like caulk and spray foam, to seal the gaps and cracks we find around lighting, electrical penetrations, plumbing, and HVAC penetrations. We also find unsealed top plates and attic accesses.

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