Weatherstripping a Door

Even something as simple as weatherstripping a door can have a big impact on the comfort level of a home. How so? Well, imagine you have a gap around your door that is letting hot air in during the summer and cold air during the winter. Since Weatherization Plus uses fully customizable heavy-duty weatherstrips that will prevent air from coming in by covering any gaps around the door, it's easy to see why something so simple can have such a big impact! No more drafts coming in around that door.
One of our wonderful customers in Lawrenceburg, KY had bought a house that needed a little TLC. She wanted to have the home remodeled, but was in the planning phase. She realized a few months after buying the house, that the utility bills seemed high and began looking for issues with the home. She promptly contacted Weatherization Plus and had us conduct an assessment for her. She mentioned the gaps around the door and asked if we could fix that without actually replacing the door. She thought the door had character. No problem!
Weatherization Plus uses weatherstripping that I don't think you can buy at any big box store....but I haven't checked recently. The product we use is not foam with adhesive backing that melts during the hot summers here in Central Kentucky and then ends up sticking to things you don't want it to stick to. We use a product that actually mounts to the door frame on three sides.
The first photo shows one of our installation professionals measuring across the top of the door so he can cut the weatherstrip to fit perfectly. He then measured the sides and cut the pieces to fit exactly.
The next photo shows our technician preparing to pre-drill. He makes a slight indentation with his drill so the screws he uses to attach the weatherstrip are in the right spots.
Once he has completed attaching the 3 piece of weatherstripping, the installer caulks the edges of the weatherstripping to create a full seal around the door.

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