Possum Family Uprooted From Comfy Home

Crawl spaces are lovely places, aren't they? People who have them frquent them nearly every day, right? I mean, if you're looking for a place to rest and relax, it's going to the crawl space, right? WRONG!
We get a least 2 calls every week from people who have had a critter in their crawl space damaging the insulation. Most of the time, byt the time we are called in to assess the damage, the critters have relocated. MOST of the time.
In this situation, however, we accidentally dislodged the Possum family of 7 while removing the old, compromised, damaged insulation from this crawl space. OOPS! Well, our guys aren't afraid of anything and worked to capture as many possums as they could.....which consisted of 1....and she managed to wriggle free when our guy was attempting to crawl, possum by the tail, to the hatch.
Take a look at the damage this possum family did to the crawl space insulation in this home and you can see why the floors inside the home were cold. If your crawl space looks like this....or if you don't know what it looks like but want US to check it out, you know who to call!

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