Extremely Old Insulation

Weatherization Plus received a call from a lovely couple in Chaplin, KY who had purchased an older home. The home inspector recommended having the insulation in the attic checked and removed due to it apparent deteriorated and compromised state.
When our professional sales technician arrived and looked at the attic, he couldn't believe just how bad the insulation was. Although it had been almost white when it was installed, the insulation was now the color and consistency of dirt! Underneath the blown-in insulation was really old batt insulation. There was also areas where the insulation had either been pushed back for some unknown reason, or was never installed over the area to begin with.
In several areas, he saw what looked like possible spider egg sacs. Although he couldn't be sure, I know I wouldn't want to have spiders using my attic as a breeding ground!
Our salesman recommended having all of the insulation in the attic removed so that air sealing could be performed and then new, clean insulation blown in.

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