Chimney Leak Discovered

While taking photos for our website in a Nicholasville, KY attic, the remnants of Hurricane Harvey hit Central Kentucky. Although somewhat brief, a torrential downpour hit this home and revealed a chimney leak.
Curious, I moved in for a closer look. There was a gap between the chimney brick and the roof sheathing as indicated by the red arrows. The issue was probably the result of missing or damaged flashing.
Water was running down the brick chimney as indicated by the blue arrows. It trickled or dripped down to the attic flooring and would have made its way down into the living area had we not placed a towel in the area and notified the home owner.
It was evident that the area had leaked before since there was some water damage to the roof truss as indicated by the purple arrows.
Once the weather clears, the flashing can be replaced and the chimney gap sealed from inside the attic which will prevent further water damage, but will also prevent insects and spiders from having easy access to the attic through this gap.

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