Why the Celebration?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

Let's face it. Hiring a contractor has become one of those things that people dread. Why? Because there are too many contractors out there who don't do good work....if they finish the job at all.

But this guy is really celebrating! Want to know why?


It's simple, really. He called the Home Comfort Specialists at Weatherization Plus. He knew this company hires and trains only the best. He knew this company specially trains all of its employees....from the people who answer the phones, to the people who clean up the job-site so he would receive only the best care. He knew Weatherization Plus would give him all the information he needed to make an educated decision.....something no other contractor had done before.

This guy is celebrating because, for the first time, his home improvement project was completed without stressing him out! Now that IS a reason to celebrate!

Weatherization Plus works throughout Central Kentucky, including the Lexington, Richmond, Winchester and Georgetown areas. Save yourself the risk and hassle of hiring a contractor for your Home Comfort issues and call Weatherization Plus today!

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