Weatherization Plus - What Sets Us Apart from Other Insulation Contractors

Friday, August 5th, 2016 by Joy Padgett

Let's face it, most homes existing today have areas within them that are uncomfortable. Is your "bonus room" a space you don't live in because it is too hot in the summer? If so, then it hasn't been much of a bonus room, now has it. Are you able to reduce your mortgage payment to make up for the loss of usable space? Of course not! So, why are you still living with an uncomfortable room?

This is where the differences begin between this company and most other companies that offer energy assessments.

First, Weatherization Plus will perform a thorough investigation of YOUR main concerns within your home. We talk to you, the person living in the home, about what issues you are having...rooms that are too hot int he summer and too cold in the winter, floors that are always cold, areas within your home where you have noticed a draft. Of course, we always ask if you'd like to know about anything we may find that could pose a health or safety risk as we work to identify the causes of your home comfort issues. Most other companies offering this service don't spend much time talking to you. They simply run their tests and look around.

Second, we don't give you our unfounded opinion. You will see, feel and touch so you understand the reasons you are having comfort issues in your home. You will see the gaps around your attic access. You'll feel the air coming down from your attic through your unsealed can lights. You will touch the duct work in your attic that is supposed to be transporting cool air to your bedroom and understand how warm that metal is. Most other companies in this field don't "show and tell", they just tell.

Next, we create a specialized presentation that allows you to review the information you saw, felt and touched, so that you have an opportunity to absorb more about what is going on in your home...and we follow that presentation with an estimate on what it will take to fix your home comfort issues. Rarely so we have to delay in getting you the information you need to move forward with fixing your uncomfortable home. How many times has a contractor said "I'll send you an estimate." only to never follow through.

And that leads us to one of the largest differences between this company and most others...We don't give you a list of things you should do or could do and leave you to figure out how to move forward...we can actually FIX your uncomfortable home!

Weatherization Plus - What Sets Us Apart from Other Insulation Contractors

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