To the Do-It-Yourselfer: Leave the Insulation to the Professionals

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 by Joy Padgett

In the age of do-it-youselfers, there are still things you should leave to the professionals. One of those happens to be fixing your uncomfortable home. Unless you are very well versed in the whole-house approach to inspecting homes and have the right equipment, you may actually do work on your home that will have to be un-done in order to fix the issues that are really causing your home comfort problems.

While you can caulk your windows and doors, you might want to reconsider installing your own insulation….especially if you think insulation will make that cold room warmer. Adding insulation to your attic is not the cure all. Let me ask you something, does it make sense to you to blow new insulation over old, rodent poop laden, dirty and possibly water damaged insulation? But this is exactly what the vast majority of insulation contractors will do for you. BUT, since we're NOT an insulation contractor, we're not going to suggest a quick and easy blow over just to get your money. We have more respect for you than to treat you like that. Insulation doesn't work all by itself. There are other factors involved in making insulation work to the highest levels.

Now, don't misunderstand me when I say we're NOT an insulation contarctor. We install nearly 1 million square feet of blown-in insulation each year. BUT, we don't believe in using insulation to cover up issues we can identify during the appointment with you. Issues that are definitely contributing to the "uncomfortableness" of your home.

Unless you are in the business of fixing uncomfortable homes, you should let the professionals handle your project. After all, would you enjoy finding out that the $1500 worth of insulation you just had added to your attic needs to be extracted now so that cold room can actually be made warmer? OUCH!

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