Things Are Really Heating Up: Attic Ductwork

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

It is summer in Central Kentucky and things are really heating up! While temperatures outside are in the 90’s, you’re trying to stay cool inside. Your thermostat might be set to a comfortable 72 degrees, but you’ve noticed some of the rooms in your house are not cooling down. Now you’re beginning to wonder what’s going on.

Well, let me ask you something….did you know your attic can reach upwards of 140 degrees if you’re in Central Kentucky? If your house is like millions of others, there is ductwork in the attic. So…..what’s the problem with that? Well, if your HVAC system is cooling air to 72 degrees and then blowing that air through metal ductwork in an attic that is 140 degrees….how can the rooms at the ends of that ductwork be cooled to 72 degrees? Think about it. Metal will heat up if it is heated up….so…metal ductwork in a 140 degree attic is going to be heated because the attic is hot. As it heats up, the air inside the ductwork is also heated up. That means, by the time the air that was cooled before it entered the duct system reaches its destination point, it has been heated up beyond your desired temperature. I know, I know. You didn't want to hear that.

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Yep! Those rooms you’ve noticed aren’t cooling down will never cool down to the desired temperature….unless…you call Weatherization Plus! Your problem isn’t unique. You are not alone. You are in the company of millions of other people. However, you can be one of the smart ones and have that issue corrected. Not only will fixing the problem give you a new level of comfort in every room of your house, you may also enjoy spending the money earmarked for utility bills on something much more fun!!

Don’t let the summer heat cause you to sweat it inside your own home! Call the professionals at Weatherization Plus!

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