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Friday, June 2nd, 2017 by Joy Padgett

In every industry there are terms used that are widely unknown by "normal" people. The same is true with energy assessments and weatherization. We don't want people to be in a position where they may not understand what we are talking about and therefore, might not be able to make an informed decision. Every Friday for the next month this blog will focus on some of the terminology we use and what these terms mean for the people we serve in Central Kentucky.

People Ready to Learn

Today let's talk about a word that is actually part of our company name: Weatherization.

What is "weatherization"? Wikipedia defines it this way "Weatherization is the practice of protecting a building and its interior from the elements, particularly from sunlight, precipitation, and wind, and of modifying a building to reduce energy consumption and optimize energy efficiency."

Well...that it an accurate definition, but it helps to understand how weatherization works. IF you are working with Weatherization Plus, having your home "weatherized" means having a knowledgeable and trained sales person discuss the issues you're having with your home (drafts, hot rooms in summer, cold rooms in winter, high utility bills, etc.), conduct a thorough assessment of your home, show you what the inspection uncovered, and give you an estimate for actually fixing the issues. 

This leads to the next topic that is important to understand: what weatherization does. Weatherization performs the necessary tasks to fix the issues mentioned above. This means a myriad of things, but includes air sealing all bypasses, insulating key areas in the home, and applying sealant and insulation to duct work.

Benefits key

And what does this mean for you? It means your home will be more comfortable! No more having to seal off rooms in the winter because they are too cold. No more having to turn the air down extra-low in the summer. No more issue with the bonus room being too hot in the summer!! As an added bonus, you may also notice lower utility bills and an HVAC system that doesn't run as often.

So, are you ready to have Weatherization completed on your home?

Call Weatherization Plus! We cover ALL of Central Kentucky including the beautiful cities of Bagdad, Bloomfield, Harrodsburg, Mount Eden and Shelbyville!

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