Special Friday Blog Series: Part 4

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 by Joy Padgett

Over the past 4 Fridays, we’ve been defining and discussing some of the industry specific jargon you might hear when a trained energy assessor comes to your house. We’ve covered Weatherization, Building Envelope and Stack Effect so far.

Today, let’s talk about Conduction.  Conduction occurs when heat moves (molecule by molecule) through solid materials. This is how it works in your home: in the wintertime, your attic is cold which makes the drywall ceiling cold if you don’t have enough insulation. Heat then moves from the room into and then through the cold ceiling. This heat loss through the ceiling makes your room cold.

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That’s pretty easy to understand and it makes sense, but, how to we stop that from happening?

Air sealing the attic and using various forms of insulation in the right places will help prevent this type of heat loss. When this has been accomplished, the heat you want in the room stays in the room, making you comfortable in that room. It also helps keep your furnace from running as often. Furnaces that don’t run as often or for as long, typically last longer and break down less often.

If you have rooms in your house (and we ALL do) that just don’t stay as warm in the winter or as cool in the summer, conduction could be playing a huge role. Fortunately, Weatherization Plus can not only identify the root cause of your home comfort issues, but can also provide solutions to those problems! AND, we can give you control of your house!

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