Monumental Mistake

Monday, May 15th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

This is a first for us, but I guess it was bound to happen at some point along the way. It’s just mind-boggling. I cannot understand how someone could make such a bad decision. They had all the information necessary to make the best decision, but somehow….they didn’t.

What? You have no idea what I’m talking about? Oh, I guess I need to explain.

We received a call from someone who was not comfortable in a particular room in their home. This room was hotter than the rest in the summertime, and summer is fast approaching. This person asked us to come out and determine what the problem was. Insulation was on this person’s mind, but when we completed our analysis of the house, we found that air sealing was the number one offender. Insulation was the second.

Our knowledgeable technician took the time to explain his findings, the solutions to the issue, and just how those solutions would translate into a much more comfortable room (not to mention the potential savings on the electric bill). We thought this person would make the best possible decision since the information we gave was understood and made perfect sense to him.

Yep! You guessed it! He didn’t believe in air sealing and just wanted more insulation.

Guy with hands over face

He’s going to be very disappointed when he doesn’t get the results he’s looking for. You see, insulation alone won’t fix that uncomfortable room. Nor will it result in a very noticeable reduction in the electric bill. Can’t win ‘em all, I guess.

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