March Madness!

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

The young men who play college basketball spend much of their time training. They train with free throws, 3 point shots, lay-ups, and, of course….the slam dunk!.

Basketball player shooting free throw

The training allows them to hone their individual techniques, but also allows them to work, think and act as a team. These young men watch their opponents to gain insight into what plays the opponent uses so they can plan a counter-attack specific to that team. And their fans expect these guys to play their best during every game.

At Weatherization Plus, our employees work much the same way as a college basketball team. We train. We study. We learn. With Weatherization Plus, you will get the very best of our abilities every time. If you are living in a house with uncomfortable rooms, drafts, or high utility bills, we can help!

Our team of trained technicians and installers can provide solutions to the specific issues you are experiencing in your own home and customize a plan of action specific to your goals. It’s March Madness in Kentucky! Time for us to March into your house and Stop the Madness of living in an uncomfortable home! When it comes to fixing uncomfortable home, we are the masters of the slam dunk!

Slam dunk

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