Lexington Burger Week in Underway!!

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

I decided to take a day off from writing my typical business style, educational, weatherization blogging and blog about something fun! And what a great time to make this decision.

It’s Lexington Burger Week! That means $5 specialty burgers at participating restaurants in and around the Lexington area. You can get a PB&J Bacon Burger, an Athenian Burger, a Papa Pimiento Burger, a Triple Bacon Life Brew Burger or any one of 42 other burgers! Unfortunately, this is the third day of burger week and I think this will all wrap up on Friday, so make plans today to head out in support of Lexington Burger Week!

There are burgers topped with mac and cheese. There are burgers topped with spicy coleslaw. There are burgers topped with bacon, bacon and more bacon! There are stuffed burgers. There are burgers with beer cheese and burgers with pimiento cheese. There are burgers with fried pickles and onion straws. There are burgers topped with chimichurri sauce or mushroom gravy or pineapple relish. There are burgers with pulled pork. There are burgers with potato skins. There’s even a deep fried burger! There must be something on the list to get those taste buds tingling! I’m intrigued by some of these….especially the meatless burgers. I mean, how can you have a burger without a burger??

There seems to be a burger for everyone! Some of them are very exotic sounding, some have no meat, and some sound very spicy. Since you can actually download a pdf file, I’m sure somebody will manage to try all 46 burgers in one week…but I’m thinking they might need to buy stock in Tums or Rolaids before they accomplish such a feat….and I wonder just how much weight they might pack on!

It’s fun living so close to a city like Lexington where there always seems to be something going on. This week comes once a year and with it, burger creations from more and more restaurants! I love that more restaurants are participating and I enjoy reading the combinations. It makes living in the Central Kentucky area a great place to be! I mean, $5 for a great, unique, designed-especially-for-this-event burger is wonderful!

Personally, I have no intention in tasting every single specialty burger being featured this week in and around Lexington, but I did enjoy the PB&J Bacon Burger at Napa Prime in the lovely little town of Versailles where I live. I must say it was delicious! A custom blend of angus brisket, short rib and ground chuck topped with local peanut butter, berry jam, Applewood bacon & fried jalapeños, this burger might sound a bit odd, but it delivers what turns out to be a very tasteful combination! It was surprising how well this combination goes together…so much so that I’ve eaten 2 this week! Here's the burger I'm talking about!

PB&J Bacon Burger from Napa Prime

Anyway, check out the website www.LexingtonBurgerWeek.com for the details, participating restaurant locations, burger descriptions and the downloadable file for tracking your burger eating. You can get this document stamped and win prizes. What could be a better summer week than cheap designer burgers, friends, family and prizes!

I know my family members are venturing out tonight to try the burger that has caught their attention, how about you? I’d love to know which burgers you tried and which ones you enjoyed.

Happy Burgering!

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