Hot Dog!!

Thursday, May 11th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

If you live in Central Kentucky, you know the summers here are comprised of high heat and humidity. While summer is a great time for being outside in the sunshine, having cookouts with family and friends, and hanging out by the pool, it is NOT a good time to live in an uncomfortable house.

Everyone has one….or maybe 2 or 3. Rooms that are just not staying cool like the other rooms in the house. Maybe it’s that new home office you created this past winter. Maybe it’s the dining room. Maybe it’s your child’s room.

No matter which rooms are your trouble spots, we have good news for you! Weatherization Plus is in the business of finding the root causes of the temperature differences between rooms AND providing the solutions to those issues. Hot dog!!!

Dressed Out Hot Dog

That’s right. You can gain control of your house! Don’t settle for what most contractors are going to propose….which is a band-aid fix. You need to regain control of your house by fixing the problems, not covering them up.

Let the professionals at Weatherization Plus help you today! We cover ALL of Central Kentucky!

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