High Hope Steeplechase and Weatherization Plus

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 by Joy Padgett

There is an exciting event being held at the Kentucky Horse Park today just a 20 minute drive from lovely Versailles, Frankfort and Georgetown….the High Hope Steeplechase! The grounds at the Kentucky Horse Park are absolutely gorgeous this time of year and the weather couldn't be better! This event is fun for all ages as there will be activities for the kiddos and great opportunities to tail-gate. Bring your pick-up truck, folding chairs, and your best grub and enjoy watching the horses run the High Hope Steeplechase!

If you’ve never seen a steeplechase, you should check this out! It really is an amazing event. A steeplechase is like the Kentucky Derby …BUT… the riders are on horses that are running on rolling turf AND jumping over hurdles….all at the same time! Talk about exciting! You can set-up right along the course and feel the ground shake and hear the sound of thunderous hooves as these magnificent creatures and their riders rush past! What a thrill! The only way to be closer to the action is to be a jockey!....or a horse, I guess. LOL!

High Hope Steeplechase

So, what does the High Hope Steeplechase have to do with Weatherization Plus? Or maybe it should be the other way around....

First, both horse and rider go through rigorous training to perfect their technique. Next, they practice with extreme dedication. And finally, they give their very best!

The folks at Weatherization Plus also go through detailed trainings and educate themselves on better techniques, products, and equipment. These guys are looking to become the best, use the best products for each homeowner and have the best tools and equpiment for both the evaluation and the job. They practice with their own homes, at the office and in the warehouse.  They watch webinars and YouTube videos and take classes and pass tests. They practice their communication skills with their families and friends. They evaluate their own homes, their mom's home, their sister's home, their cousin's best friend's nephew's uncle's house twice removed.....I think I got that right. Anyway, they practice on his house too! Since these guys and gals all love what they do, they are very dedicated to providing excellent service. And finally, with Weatherization Plus people….you know they will give you their best every time!

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