Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Home: Don't Just Treat the Symptoms

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016 by Joy Padgett

Imagine this: you are feeling rather under the weather and go to your doctor. Your doctor gives you some medicine, but a week later, you still feel the same. You decide to go to a second doctor who identifies your illness and gives you medicine to treat it. A couple of days later, you feel great! Which doctor will you go to from here on? More than likely, you’ll go back to the second doctor.

Why then, when it comes to making your home more comfortable, would you hire the company who specializes in only one product? Let’s say that product is insulation. Do you really believe that the only thing your house needs in order for it to be more comfortable is insulation?

House 1You’ve heard the old saying “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” We can easily apply this way of thinking to the home comfort industry. The company selling only insulation wants you to believe that insulation is all you need. The company selling only windows wants you to believe that windows will solve your home comfort issues. The company selling HVAC systems wants you to believe that installing a bigger system will fix everything. Furthermore, the company who sells energy evaluations is only going to give you a to-do list of items you could do to improve your home’s performance. This way of thinking is just a way of treating the symptoms. Rarely will your problems actually be solved.

So, how do you really know what your home needs?

The best way to make your home more comfortable is to have a company come in who will actually take the time and effort to diagnose exactly what is going on with your home. Since your house cannot identify where it is having problems, doesn’t it make sense that a technician begin the process by speaking to you? Doesn’t it make sense for the technician to know what issues you’re having before he suggests a course of action? For example, if you think you need insulation in the attic because the floors are cold, but the technician never talks to you, you’re going to get attic insulation and still have cold floors.

Your house is actually a complex system comprised of multiple components: insulation, windows, HVAC systems and so forth. The company who understands how your house works as a whole is the company who can best determine what your home needs in order to be more comfortable for you. You need a company who sells solutions, not products. 

To top it off, you need a company that doesn’t give you an opinion on what your home needs, but rather, shows you exactly what is going on with your home and how those things are causing the comfort issues you are having.

We are that company.

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