Fall is the Season for the CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System!

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

Fall is crawlspace season in Central Kentucky! Why? Because, as temperatures begin to fall, your crawl space will have a greater impact on the comfort of your home than it does during the summer months.

Here’s how it works. Because your crawlspace will get cooler as the temperatures drop, the warm air you want inside your home will begin to seep down into the crawlspace. If you’ve been following my blogs, you know that hot air seeks out cold air. So, the warm air inside your home is going to escape into the crawlspace unless you have that crawlspace fixed!! The answer, in a nutshell is our crawlspace encapsulation system.

Because most homes built on crawlspaces have the duct work in that area, and since most duct systems are leaky, the air you are paying to heat can easily leak out of the ducts and into the crawlspace. While that might be nice for the possums and the mice, it isn’t good for you. When this air leakage happens, you’ll have some rooms in your home that won’t stay warm this winter. Maybe it’s your daughter’s room. And maybe it’s acceptable to you that she’s never kept warm in there.

What that? It’s NOT acceptable? I agree! I mean, we are talking about your daughter. Precious little daddy's girl!

Daddy's girl should be warm in her room

My question to you is this: why haven’t you addressed the comfort issues in your own home? If you’re like most of our customers, it’s because you weren’t sure who to call. There really isn’t anyone out there who actually does this sort of thing.

Now wait just a pea-pickin’ minute! The company I work for IS in the business of doing what you need!

Just in case you are still with me at this point (why you didn’t drop everything and call us right away I’ll never know, but….) there are solutions out there for the home comfort problems you’re having. You don’t have to suffer in a house that won’t keep you comfortable. You deserve better!

 One of seven possums found in crawl space

Huh? You just realized that I said a nice, warm crawl space is great for the possums and mice and it struck you that you don’t want these critters living in your crawl space. Ok, Ok. Let’s address this issue as it pertains to your crawl space. Possums and mice like to live where it’s nice. Nice and cozy. Warm in the winter. Plenty of materials on hand to make bedding for their little ones. And that sounds like your crawl space, doesn’t it? We have found plenty of “evidence” of possums and mice inhabiting crawl spaces. You know what I mean when I say “evidence”, right? Good. Oh, and, just so you know, the photo above is 1 of SEVEN possums we found living in this crawl space.

The Clean Space Crawl Space Encapsulation system makes it more difficult for possums and mice and other critters to get into your crawl space to procreate…..and make messes….messes that contaminate the air…air that gets sucked into your duct system and distributed throughout your house….for you and your loved ones to breathe in. So, now you have some other reasons to have your crawl space encapsulated. Moving on…..

I work with several knowledgeable people who have a passion for determining the root causes of home comfort issues and with providing the solutions to those problems. Since the condition of your crawl space will directly impact the comfort levels of your home more in the coming colder months, fall is the perfect time to have your crawl space fixed. Your daughter doesn’t have to suffer through another winter in a cold room and you don’t have to keep the thermostat set so high that she can stay warm in her room while you roast in yours!

You can put the whole thermostat war to bed if you have your crawlspace fixed before winter hits. You’ll find that you can set the thermostat to a temperature that everyone can enjoy. Well…..if someone in your home is having hot flashes, you might be out of luck with this. LOL!

 CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation system

The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation system is THE mack-daddy of crawl space repair systems and I believe YOU deserve the absolute best! We have had a couple of customers who actually turned their largely unused crawl space into an area where they could store Christmas decorations, veggies they canned from the garden this summer, and other seasonal items. Is this a possibility for your crawl space? You’ll have to be the judge of that.

Since Central Kentucky can have extremely cold winter temperatures and bitter winds, now is the absolute perfect time to have your crawl space encapsulated. This system is totally customizable. It does NOT work , however, if you don’t have it installed! So, what are you waiting for now?! Call Weatherization Plus and have your crawl space fixed before winter hits!

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