Do You have a FROG is Your House?

Friday, February 10th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

Some homes have a FROG in them. This FROG can cause a lot of headaches and problems and discomfort for homeowners. But, how do you deal with it?



What’s that? You’re not sure how a little old frog could cause such problems or be so difficult to deal with? Just pick him up and put him outside? Maybe I should define FROG. Finished Room Over Garage. There! Now we are on the same page.

That Finished Room Over Garage is usually a room that it too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Sometimes that room is permeated with odd smells and noises. Well, since it is over the garage and the floor probably isn’t insulated properly (or at all), we can understand why these things are being experienced in that room. The garage beneath is not a conditioned (heated or cooled) space, so the heat from the room above it is actually escaping into the garage beneath during winter months. The opposite is true during summer months. Garages are often used to house trash cans, which can get quite smelly. This smell can travel into the room above if that floor is not properly insulated and air sealed. The same happens with noise….like the garage door opening.

Can this FROG be fixed? Yes! BUT…it is very important that you hire the right company for this situation. You need a company that specializes in fixing uncomfortable homes rather than a company who specializes in installing insulation. Why? Because simply installing insulation is NOT going to solve the problems. That’s why you should call the Home Comfort Specialists….Weatherization Plus!

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