Determining Air Leakage at Your House

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

You may already know where some air leakage occurs in your home, such as an under-the-door draft, but you'll need to find the less obvious gaps to properly air seal your home. For a thorough and accurate measurement of air leakage in your home, hire a qualified technician, like those found at Weatherization Plus, to conduct an energy assessment, particularly a blower door test. A blower door test, which depressurizes a home, can reveal the location of many leaks. A complete energy analysis will also help determine areas in your home that need more insulation. 

Air leakage and inadequate insulation can be major factors in the comfort level of your home. If your home is not keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, without using much more electricity than it should, then your house is controlling you. It’s time YOU take control!!

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Weatherization Plus has specially trained technicians who can provide blower door testing, home comfort assessments and energy efficiency assessments. PLUS, they have crews who can actually do the work! We aren't going to give you our "Honey Do List", we're going to complete yours!

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