Creepy Crawly Crawl Spaces?

Monday, February 27th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

If you’re like me, your crawlspace gives you the creeps! You’re not interested in looking into the crawlspace, let alone crawling into it. You can only imagine what’s in there….your worst nightmare of bugs, spiders, rodents, and every kind of creepy-crawly critter imaginable.

Hissing cockroaches


But, did you know that a musty, mildew, dirty crawlspace creates a health hazard? After all, the air from your crawlspace is leaking into your home through leaky duct systems and cracks and gaps under your home. This could contribute to respiratory illnesses, headaches, allergies and eye irritation. Do you really want to breathe the air from that creepy crawly crawlspace? I don’t!

Weatherization Plus has trained Home Comfort Technicians who can conduct a thorough evaluation of your crawlspace and identify areas where mold or other toxins are present and where air is leaking from your crawlspace into your home. But the best part is this….we have a system for transforming that creepy crawly crawlspace into a beautiful, often useable space. We call it CleanSpace! Check our Before and After section for some photographic evidence of this awesome transformation!

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