Cold Rooms May Not Need More Insulation

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 by Joy Padgett

As the weather in Kentucky begins to turn colder, many people are beginning to notice higher utility bills and rooms that just feel too cold. The first thought often becomes this "My house doesn't have enough insulation." After all, isn't insulation like a winter coat? The thicker it is, the warmer you'll be?

Girl is cold in her own home

While that is true, you might be surprised to learn that insulation alone will not make your home warmer in the winter.

 The best way to determine what your home needs in order to be warmer in the winter is to have one of our highly trained Home Comfort Specialists come out and conduct a thorough investigation using specialized equipment. After speaking with you about the comfort issues you’re experiencing, he/she will work to find out the root causes of those issues. You will be surprised at what they uncover!

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