Can't Figure Out Where to Begin?

Monday, April 3rd, 2017 by Joy Padgett

When we realize our home is not comfortable, we begin to look for the causes. In doing so, often times we are unwittingly embarking on a journey that leaves us missing the forest for all the trees.


We begin to notice the living room is colder than the dining room in the winter and there is a cold air "curtain" in the otherwise warm hallway. The kids are running through the house in their stocking feet and flannel pajamas because they say they are freezing! Over the holidays, when relatives stayed over, they asked for extra blankets because the guest bedrooms were so cold. It's not like the heat is turned down, either. The thermostat is set to a comfortable 72 degrees.

Considering the mild winter, we were shocked to receive a higher-than-expected electric bill and cannot figure out what is going on with our house! We've noticed the drafts. We've noticed the cold floors. We've noticed the difference in temperature from room to room and now we are a little overwhelmed.

That's where the people at Weatherization Plus come in. They can see the forest despite all the trees. They can help set a course of action to solve the comfort and energy issues we are having with our home. They use special tools to locate problem areas and formulate a plan based on what they find.

Weatherization Plus sells solutions! They fix uncomfortable homes in theCentral Kentucky area including Richmond, Lexington, Winchester, Harrodsburg and Shelbyville! Call today!

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