Benefits of a Home Evaluation

Monday, January 30th, 2017 by Joy Padgett

All houses are not created equal, but all houses are leakier than they should be. It really doesn’t matter if your home is 2 years old or 52 years old. It is widely known that most builders don’t build houses as air-tight as they could. It’s not because they are trying to present a sub-par product, it’s because they are building houses like they’ve been building houses for decades. The problem with this is, today’s consumers are more conscientious than ever. They are concerned about utility costs, reducing the carbon footprint, reducing allergens and improving indoor air quality. And that is where the benefits of having a Home Evaluation begin.

Utility Costs

We all know that certain things are inevitable….utility companies aren’t lowering costs. They are raising them. And that means heating and cooling your home will get more and more expensive. And let's face it, figuring out how to pay an unexpectedly high utility bill is frustrating.

Paying bills

Having a Home Evaluation completed on your home will show you areas in your house that are contributing to higher utility costs. Having those issues addressed puts money back in your pocket.

Carbon Footprint

We have all heard about the negative effects of greenhouse gases. One of the contributing factors just happens to be consumption of fuel. This includes the fuel you may use to heat your home. Having a qualified Home Evaluation company complete a Home Evaluation on your home can uncover areas in your home that are creating the need for your HVAC system to use more natural gas or other fuel than it should.



If you, or someone in your home, suffers from allergies, then you know how important it is to do everything possible to prevent allergens from entering your home. And while a Home Evaluation may not be able to completely eliminate allergens in your home, it can greatly reduce them by showing you areas in your home where allergens are very easily entering your home.

Indoor Air Quality

Nobody wants to breathe dirty air, but did you know that if your duct system has not been sealed, you’re probably breathing dirty air from your crawlspace, basement or attic? Yuck! A Home Evaluation can test your duct system and identify areas where dirty air is filtering into your home.

The Best Part


The best part of a Home Evaluation conducted by Weatherization Plus is that we aren’t going to just give you a list of things you could do to improve your home in the areas mentioned above, we are going to give you a proposal on fixing those areas! After all, what good is a list if you can’t complete the work? That’s where we stand out from the rest. We do the evaluation and the work! And we can schedule the work when it is convenient for you, in phases as funding becomes available, or finance it for you.

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