Avoid Knee-Jerk Decision Making

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017 by Joy Padgett

When it comes to making your home more comfortable, it’s important to avoid knee-jerk decisions.


Window companies have done an excellent job is misleading people into thinking that new windows will make your home more comfortable and help lower utility bills. While this may be true if your windows are single-pane windows and are falling out of your house, it isn’t true of the average home. Window companies are banking on knee-jerk reactions. However, don’t assume that new windows (often expensive) will solve your home comfort issues just because your windows are older. Stop and think: windows are largely made of glass. Glass is a great insulator, right? WRONG. Glass is a conductor. That’s why the glass top on the stove heats up so quickly. The same is true of windows because they are made of glass. Your investment on having new windows installed might not pay off in energy savings….ever. Plus, you will still have an uncomfortable home!

Likewise, insulation companies are also banking on knee-jerk reactions. These companies have spent millions of advertising dollars to convince consumers that insulation alone will fix a home that has temperature differences between rooms. Hold your knee still….this isn’t exactly true. Although most homes don’t have adequate insulation, simply adding more isn’t going to make the hot rooms any cooler or the cool rooms any warmer. Insulation should be thought of as more of a filter, slowing the transfer of air between attics and rooms and between rooms and crawl spaces or basements. BUT, the real kicker is this: stopping the flow of air between the aforementioned areas is the key to making your rooms equally cool, or warm.

When it comes to your home, it is probably the largest and most expensive invest you will make. There seems to be a growing trend of staying in the same home for much longer than in decades past. As a result, people are putting more money into maintaining the home than ever before. That’s why it is so important to make educated decisions on just what to do to fix your uncomfortable home. And that’s where Weatherization Plus comes in!

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