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Completion date: November 30, -0001

About this project:

Ever wonder how much heat is escaping through the roof of your house? Maybe not, but I bet you are now!

Although the human eye is quite a miraculous object, it doesn’t allow us to see everything. That’s where an infrared imaging camera comes in handy.

By using an infrared imaging camera, we can “see” where heat is being lost. The camera cannot see through walls or roofs, but what it can see and record are temperature differences between objects. The camera works best when there is a greater difference in temperature, which makes it an incredible tool to use during the cold winter months in Central Kentucky.

The first image is what most of us can see with our naked eye. A house.

The second image shows what the infrared imaging camera picked up. Notice how much of the roof on this house is yellow. That tells us heat is escaping through the roof. See the orange-red splotch? That indicates a greater flow of heat escaping through the roof. Although we would have to investigate further, we can deduce that the insulation beneath the roof is inadequate in the very least.

Without a properly insulated attic (the space underneath the roof), the warm air you are paying to heat and keep you warm, is easily making its way out of your house! Maybe you want to warm things up outside in hopes that Spring will come early…..No? Well then, give us a call and we can evaluate your home and give you an estimate on fixing it!

Before Photos:

Imaging of House Exterior 1 Before
Imaging of House Exterior 1 Before

After Photos:

Infrared Imaging of House Exterior 1 After
Infrared Imaging of House Exterior 1 After

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