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Before and After Pictures from Lexington
Old Insulation Extraction in Lexington, KY

Old Insulation Extraction in Lexington, KY

Before After
Old Insulation Extraction in Lexington, KY Old Insulation Extraction in Lexington, KY

This Lexington customer called wanting a full evaluation of her home because she was experiencing temperature differences between rooms. The insulation in the home had settled quite a bit over the years and air was moving back and forth along the floor joists located in the attic. 

This customer had old, dirty insulation that needed to be extracted so air sealing could be completed and fresh, new, clean insulation could be installed according to local climate and building code requirements.

These photos show her original insulation and then a clean attic ready for sweeping and air sealing.

Commercial Renovation Insulation Project Phase 1 in Lexington, KY

Commercial Renovation Insulation Project Phase 1 in Lexington, KY

Before After
Commercial Renovation Insulation Project Phase 1 in Lexington, KY Commercial Renovation Insulation Project Phase 1 in Lexington, KY

A barn-style building in the downtown Lexington, KY area was being renovated and converted into office space. The General Contractor wanted fiberglass batt insulation up against the roof deck to insulate the "attic" equivalent for this building as part of the Phase 1 Insulation.

Our crew went to work and installed the fiberglass insulation for this portion of the project.

Spray Foam Insulation in Lexington, KY

Spray Foam Insulation in Lexington, KY

Before After
Spray Foam Insulation in Lexington, KY Spray Foam Insulation in Lexington, KY

Our crew did an excellent job installing spray foam insulation in a yoga studio in Lexington, KY. We provide light commercial insulation and air sealing services to all of Central Kentucky! AND, since some counties require the spray foam to be painted with fire-rated paint, we can comply.

The first photo shows both before spray foam and after. The grey is the exposed structural steel. The white is the structural steel after having the spray foam coating.

The second photo shows the finished job.

Certified Home Insulation Company in Lexington, KY

I wanted to say thank you to you and your company for great work!...
Happy Customers Surrounding Lexington, KY
Work Requests

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Proven Home Insulation Solutions in Lexington, KY

As the second largest city in Kentucky, there are plenty of homeowners in Lexington facing home insulation issues. Especially in the summer or winter months, it's important to have insulation that works correctly. If your home isn't reaching the temperature it should, or if it's costing you a ton to do so, it's time to call in a professional.

Insulation and ductwork services help your heating and cooling perform

High-performance HVAC is only the first step to home energy efficiency. Without proper insulation, your heating and cooling will never be as powerful as it should be, and it's not hard to understand why. When air escapes from your home or when outside air is let in, you lose control over your home environment.

Signs of faulty insulation

  • Uneven temperatures
  • Drafts or cold floors
  • Overworked HVAC
  • Expensive energy bills

Using insulation materials such as blown-in, cellulose, rigid foam and more, Weatherization Plus can help insulate any part of your home to keep your heating and cooling cost-effective. We can work on any room in the home, from the attic to the crawl space, and we know which products we should install in each area.

We also provide air sealing and ductwork services which go hand-in-hand with home insulation. Using a blower door test as part of a full home energy audit, we will discover exactly where air is escaping your home and block up these problem areas. For all of your insulation installation needs in Lexington, KY, trust Weatherization Plus to get the job done. Set up an appointment with us today!

Mold Testing

Contact Weatherization Plus today to schedule a mold inspection. Don’t lose sleep worrying about mold in your home. Give us a call or send us an email to setup an appointment for mold testing. Let’s begin the end of your mold problems.

Case Studies From Lexington
The manager of some professional offices in Lexington contacted us because they were having issues with sound traveling between conference room and...
Job Stories From Lexington, KY
Girl's Camp Lodge in Lexington, KY

A former Girl’s Camp in Lexington, KY was purchased by a Nature Sanctuary. The old lodge is in need of improvements to make it more energy efficient and comfortable so that it can once again be used as a camp. The proprietors of this property contacted us to help them develop a plan of action with regards to the newly acquired property. Since nobody with the current organization has lived in the home yet, we found ourselves in a unique situation. Normally, the occupants of the home are sent a checklist of the most common issues we find in homes today. This checklist acts as a guide to help them tell us what issues they are experiencing which gives us a couple of starting points for our inspection. However, not having this information has never stopped us from being able to help a customer. Because the lodge is a rather large building, four of us headed out to conduct a thorough inspection. It’s a good thing we did. This “house” is somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 years old and has undergone a couple of renovations during that time. Having four sets of eyes allowed us to cover everything and begin to develop a plan that can be handled in phases.

Hot Yoga Studio Lexington, KY

We recently spoke with the owner of an upcoming trendy Hot Yoga studio in Lexington, KY. He had acquired a building for his studio and needed insulation to keep the heat inside the yoga studio. Since the building was a commercial type building with exposed structural steel, the best type of insulation for the “ceiling” was closed-cell spray foam. Fortunately, the building was in the “customizable phase” of construction, with no dropped ceiling yet installed, so we were able to easily spray the foam. All exposed metal surfaces supporting the roof were coated with spray foam which will allow the Hot Yoga studio to maintain the high interior temperatures it needs to create the ultimate Hot Yoga experience for the clients. This insulation will also reduce air leakage when, in winter months, that hot air inside the studio is going to want to transfer to the outside (since hot always tries to get to cold). Spray foam insulation in this application seals gaps and cracks as it coats surfaces to provide insulation.

Unique Floor Insulation Installation in Lexington, KY

This customer has a very unique older home in Lexington, KY. The flooring on the second floor of the home were not built over a subfloor. This was causing some issues with noise. The home owner could very clearly hear her dishwasher or washing machine running as if it were in the bedroom with her.

She was working on a remodeling project with a construction company and discovered the floor cavities had no insulation in them, for the largest part. She hired Weatherization Plus to install dense-packed Tru-Soft cellulose insulation in the space between her floors and the ceiling of the floor beneath to help with sound dampening.

The first photo shows one of our professional technicians blowing insulation from an adjacent knee wall.

The next photo shows the Tru-Soft cellulose insulation dense-packed into the floor cavity. This provides the customer with sound dampening so she will not hear her dishwasher or washing machine running as if it was in the bedroom with her.


Fire-Rated Paint for Spray Foam Insulation in Lexington, KY

Depending on where spray foam insulation is being installed, fire-rated paint covering may be required to meet building codes. This particular job is a rehab where a building is being converted into office space. The open gable ends of the building were covered with spray foam insulation. The crew did a beautiful job.

Because this insulation is in an area that will be considered a conditioned space, we had to cover the spray foam with a fire-rated specialty paint.

The first photos shows the spray foam gable end. Notice the yellowish color of the spray foam. The second photo shows the paint application in process. The yellowish color is the spray foam. The white is the fire-rated paint. The last photo shows the gable end wall after it was completely painted.

Commercial Building Insulation in Lexington, KY

J. Hunt, with M Construction, was working on remodeling a commercial property in Lexington, KY with little to no insulation. The building had a barn style roof with open rafters, but would eventually be comprised of offices and common areas. The lack of insulation made the building very cold and drafty. The foreman searched the internet for a company that could provide both an expert opinion and install the materials, and found Weatherization Plus. Shortly after contacting them, an appointment was scheduled for Jim Hefling to go and evaluate the building for insulation. J. Hunt decided that having Weatherization Plus install insulation against the roof decking and above the acoustical tile ceiling in the offices and common areas was the best way to insulate the building for Phase 1 of the renovation. Because the Weatherization Plus crew did a most excellent job, the building is now much warmer than it was before the insulation was installed. J. Hunt is now ready to move forward into Phase 2 of the remodeling project and is very pleased with the speed and accuracy of the Weatherization Plus installers.

Work Requests From Lexington, KY
Summerville Dr in Lexington
I bought an older house, and my first electric bill was $250. My new HVAC is running constantly, and I can feel air both through the floor (single story with crawl space) and at multiple doorways. Can I schedule an energy audit and implement whatever sealing or insulation is needed to reduce my electric bill? The HVAC and water heater are new installations.
Gainesway Dr. in Lexington
The house is cold and always the heat is turning on.
Gateway Park Lane in Lexington
Our house temperature isn't rising above 60. Plus our current electric bill is over 300. We are looking for multiple solutions to this issue.
My house I moved into about 5 years ago was built in 1994. All the windows are original wood except for the 6 windows in the front of the house...they are new and were put in just prior to me buying the house per the original owner. These windows are extremely drafty and far inferior to the old wood original windows. I am interested in an audit to see what the problem is and for your guys to fix. Do you do that?
Bellefonte Drive in Lexington
Would like a quote for blown in cellulose in the attic of a 58 year old home (fine to cover existing insulation rather than remove). House measures 61 x 35 feet with a 14 x 22 foot addition room on the back. Thank you!
Chenault Rd in Lexington
I am looking for quote to: - air seal attic - replace old insulation - if service available install new attic ladder or door
Woodruff Way in Lexington
I have a one story home that was built in the early 90s. Pull down steps to attic. The insulation has not been upgraded since it was built. Thinking that it should be looked.
Campsie Court in Lexington
I'm remodeling a house and I would like to get a quote for insulating the crawlspace and attic.
Rosemont Garden in Lexington
We live in a 1920s bungalow on a crawlspace. Our furnace is down there and needs to be more accessible to work on. There is no vapor barrier and there is not insulation. Animals get under there and die under there and make the house smell. My husband has tried to seal it up, but it still happens. I also think that it needs a sump pump to at the very least protect the furnace. I would like to get a professional opinion and a quote to remedy these issues.
Rockbridge Road in Lexington
We recently purchased a 34 year old home and are having cooling issues in one area of the home. We'd like to get an analysis of that area to determine what the problem may be.
Aylesbury Cir in Lexington
High electric bill. Trouble maintaining constant temp on second level. Evaluate basement duct work prior to finishing.
Gum Tree Ln in Lexington
Windows, fireplace looses a ton of heat. Probably need a new furnace too. Anything else we can do to keep the heat in and out!
Manor Drive in Lexington
I would a quote add more insulation to my attic.
Furlong Drive in Lexington
Attic insulation replace in 1950 house. Batt type as need access to wiring that may later replace
Sheridan Drive in Lexington
Estimate to insulate the attic with spray foam. Referred by google Appointment set
W High Street in Lexington
Looking for a attic and crawl space insulation estimate. Appt was set.
Colony Blvd in Lexington
Hello, I'm looking to get an estimate to have my air ducts sealed. Thanks, Alexis
Dicksonia in Lexington
Calling to get an estimate for attic insulation referred by google appointment booked
Quarter Horse Court in Lexington
Redo Attic insulation new duct work not sure where we are losing air.
Mcgarry Drive in Lexington
Looking to get a estimate for adding insulation Referred by a google search Appointment Set
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