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Weatherization Plus Q&A

Do I need air sealing?

Customers ask this question all the time. The answer is Yes! 

Adding insulation to an attic without air sealing the attic first, would be doing our customers a great injustice. Insulation is not nearly as effective without air sealing. If air can flow through the insulation, then, the insulation is acting more like a giant filter instead of actually insulating your home. 

My utility company did an energy audit at my home and gave me a list of recommendations. In order for me to get a rebate from them, I have to have this work done. Is this something you can do for me?

Yes! We have reviewed energy audit reports from several of the utility companies in our service area and have found that nearly everything on those reports are items we can complete for you! Once we have checked off the items on your list, you can proceed with contacting your utility company for your rebate. We can even provide you with an insulation certificate if needed.

What the best insulation to put in a crawl space joists?

This is a tough question to answer without looking at the specific job site or house and without knowing the budget. We have to consider these factors and evaluate the moisture levels in the crawl space, allergies for those living in the home, and the general overall condition of the crawl space. For these reasons, we like to visit the site and speak with each individual homeowner.

What's better for home insulation closed or open cell foam?

The question of whether to use open or closed cell spray foam cannot be answered as a definite one way or the other. Determining what type of spray foam to use depends on a number of factors including the area to be sprayed, the appliances or mechanics located in the area, the age of the home, the allergies of those living in the home and others. For these reasons, we require a specially trained technician to visit the job site and conduct a thorough evaluation and speak to the home owner.